Ion Flux is a leader and innovator in the clinical genomics space.  We have an opportunity open to build state-of-the-art applications in the clinical/biotech/informatics space from the ground up.

We want to hire a talented Information Designer to design the user interfaces and reports that clearly and effectively communicate clinical results to our consumers and operational status to our laboratory partners.  You will work in a fun and creative environment with a talented group of individuals that have a passion for building great products on cutting edge technology.


  • Excellent graphical design sense.  You must be able to recognize excellent design when you see it, and also be able to articulate why it is excellent.
  • Expert knowledge of data summarization.  You must know how to present large, complex data sets so that decisions can be confidently made.
  • Strong initiative and ability to ask effective questions.  With minimal direction you need to be able to quickly determine how to effectively communicate with a target audience (e.g. engineer vs. physician).
  • Working knowledge of both graphic artist and statistician tools.  Adobe Illustrator, OmniGraffle, R, and Mathematica qualify.
  • Working knowledge of web design formats. You must be able to cut your designs into XHTML, CSS, Javascript.
  • A portfolio of your relevant work.
  • You have a high level of fluency in written English.


  • Work closely with product team to ensure business-critical features are correctly implemented.
  • Work closely with engineering team to ensure your designs are compatible with existing technology.
  • Implement information structures, graphical and text-based, to effectively communicate with your target audience..

Other Details

  • This is a senior position.  We’re looking for someone who knows how to get things done well, fast, and within budget.
  • Location: Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Beijing.